About us

“BIOVAMS”……… “ORIGIN OF LIFE”…….. Where Life starts……

Thought behind Origin of Biovams :
Six mantras for success
  • God’s blessings
  • Ownership
  • Knowledge & Applied Science
  • Confidence
  • Attitude
  • Hard Team work

“We being a scientists with 50 years of cumulative experience of pharmaceutical industry, understand the need of a human being, understand to develop quality, cost effective and innovative medicines and hence confident to serve the human being and would like to serve each human being of the world by providing them the necessity medicines with high quality and minimum cost and hence will inspire them and hence will make the difference”......

Biovams, a newly born company in June 2012, taken birth for the people of India with a vision of providing a cost effective medicines to the people of the world.

We are a small infant but with great vision and commitment for serving the nation and people of the world to provide Quality and cost effective medicines so that a poorest man and so the lives of the world will be taken care and hence we would like to contribute with each of the lives in the world being we are a human being but with great spirit and knowledge own.

We aspire to aid the people in leading a healthy life through several objectives like, formulating, developing & commercializing medicines and delivering affordable & accessible medication that satisfies the need of a human being.

The company has started operating in Gujarat, a hub of pharmaceutical world in India. Company has a strong a vision to start operating and marketing in each state of the country with in coming few years of time and so on to touch the human lives of each Indian and then so on to the whole world. Our vision is to become a “Global Research Based Pharmaceutical Company” with in near future.