Our Mission and Visionary


To become the Research Based Global Pharmaceutical Company for caring Human Lives”

  • Ownership
  • Customer and Investors Satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Working Together
  • Respect for People
  • Superior Performance
  • Entrepreneurship

We are in Pharma business with great vision and commitment for serving the nation and people of the world to provide Quality and cost effective medicines so that a poorest man and so the lives of the world will be taken care and hence we would like to contribute with each of the lives in the world being we are a human being but with great spirit and knowledge own with 50 years of cumulative scientific and quality experience.

We will continue to promote affordability in significant ways and work to expand our product offering of generics. We will continue to look for new opportunities to take generics to more patients, in collaboration with alliance partners with in India and overseas.

Our Values :
     1. Ownership : Owning the things ultimately gives satisfaction and helps to achieve the end goal, we believe this great philosophy that each and every body in Biovams is owner for what he is doing and why is he doing ? This way only we can serve the human being for Quality and cost effective medicines.

     2. Customer & Investor’s satisfaction: We always committed to achieve more than expected satisfaction of each one of our customer and investors because we know that we are here because of them.

     3. Recognition : We believes in taking care of people who are with us and also recognizing them for their achievements as and when required.

     4. Integrity and Transparency: We are always with highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our operations, interactions, business and with our alliances and each of our customer.

     5. Working Together: We believe and know that working together can only make the difference being their at success and not being their. We are highly focused on team work, alliance partnerships, joining hands together with people for betterment of the human being.

     6. Respect for People: We are dedicated to the term “RESPECT” could be our employee or could be any human in the world, we always commit to follow the word “RESPECT” because each one of us born with our own identity, ethics, culture but with a common platform to live in a society. Till each one of us respects each others, we cannot be claimed to be there for each others, We are committed to creating a work environment that encourages diverse perspectives and upholds the dignity of work of an individuals.

     7. Superior performance: We strive to achieve more with less through a culture of innovation, with the best possible and easiest way so as to be better performer to achieve our end goal.