Corporate Governance

“Serving Human Life is our philosophy of existence and so is our belief that any endeavor endures only with the right equilibrium of power among shareholders, management and the employee reflects with the basic tenets of integrity, transparency and accountability”

We at Biovams believes to have our corporate governance policies towards ethical business practices, Transparency, Precision, Responsibility & Accountability in business conduct is at the core of our values. The code of conduct has been designed to ensure that every employee should actively participate in fulfilling his, our and the society commitment to operate ethically and responsibly.

Biovams family members are expected to comply with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and promote the ethical operations and work environment which not only helps in Risk Management but also provides insulation against lawsuits.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we promote easy access of the financial reports and fact oriented information to all the stakeholders of the company.

The roles and responsibilities have been clearly defined keeping in mind the economic and social responsibility.