If you have aspiration to make your bright career, we’ll keep you going brighter and brighter!!

BIOVAMS has taken a birth with 50 years of cumulative experience by Pharmaceutical Professionals. Hence we identify the real need of employee when he / she is working in a profession.

Our vision is “INSPIRATION OF HUMAN LIVES”, this helps us to motivate our self and Biovams Family. We are here to inspire the human lives not only providing cost effective and quality medicines but also by taking care them when people join hands with us. We are proud to claim that “We live together, we work together, we share our happiness and sorrows together, hence we claim ourselves as BIOVAMS FAMILY working for each others and for the people.

Biovams believes that for success of any entrepreneurship, people is the most important element, followed by a team and then team work. But to execute the above three, requires a freedom to work and operate recognition and most importantly respect for each others.

Our vision for our people………………….

  • To provide career and to make career, and not provide jobs.
  • To build a team of talented and good human being for the nation.
  • To take care of people working with us so that they can happily work together, make their career and contribute to the society.
  • To build good technocrats for the nation.

Why BIOVAMS? Why Should you join BIOVAMS?

Started as a newly born company by a experienced entrepreneurs by taking a healthy vision and mission. The company has strong aspiration of becoming “Research based global Pharmaceutical Company with in near future”. Company has a strong strategy and plan for growing in coming years.

Being the promoters carries a cumulative experience for working in Pharmaceutical industry for five decades, they understand the value of a human being and the professionals, their aspirations and goals, however we also understand that what are the difficulties for an employee to work happily and keep his / her family happy. Hence we provide one of the best, healthy atmospheres for work, great work culture, openness, human caring, etc.

“If anybody wants to develop career, be with us….we believe you will be with us for long……n…..long time………because we know the above……because we follow it every day….every hour……every minute………..and hence throughout career……………..”